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Real Estate Law

Real estate is part of everyone’s life. Some are connected directly and some are connected indirectly. Real Estate is way more than just buying and selling properties, it is connected with several laws, regulations and orders. Sorting real estate-related issues-queries can be disturbing at times because it involves risking one’s dream, money and property – all together. As the world is progressing, infrastructure is progressing and so is real estate. On the other hand, the complexity of the sector/industry is also increasing. But thanks to numerous laws, real estate can be kept in order.
Freedom and Property Rights are inseparable,. You can’t have one without the other
- George Washington

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As one of the country’s top real estate lawyers, learning in detail about real estate has been part of my career journey. I have gained treasured experience over the period. No matter how complex the situation or case is, I can assure you to put my knowledge into best practice. Not only providing legal advice but also helping them with restoring peace of mind has been a core part of my experience.

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I have always invested my time in understanding clients’ aims, problems and situations. Then, based on circumstances, I develop my approaches as well. Therefore, it becomes easy to gel up with the client and understand his problem in detail. In these years, I have built a system of work that is approachable, insightful and has the right combination of knowledge and experience. Also, keeping an eye on every detail, and taking care of every small thing involved in a case has been part of my legal practice.
There are usually five types of Real Estate:
  • Residential real estate
  • Commercial real estate
  • Industrial real estate
  • Land
  • Special purpose
A mortgage term is the time period a mortgage lender (often a bank) is prepared to cast an interest rate in stone. Once the term expires the remaining principal balance must be renewed, refinanced, or paid in full.

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