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Making 100% efforts and turning every table to keep the winning strike on has been my way of handling varied cases. In every case, clients come with different troubles, varied expectations and emotions. Sometimes, putting the best step forward, learning 1000s of case laws, presenting the case, fighting for right, raising voice for justice is not enough, we need to sink into the thoughts of clients, understand their situation and help them emotionally as well. Supporting our clients is equally important, I work hard to nurture and develop their hope of winning the case. While fighting the case for my client, I am not only their lawyer but also an individual who is ready and willing to go on a journey with them, a journey wherein we tackle the difficulties in the easiest way possible.

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Every lawyer tends to promise a victory but rarely can assure expertise and peace of mind. When a client contacts me, the first concern is to listen to their problem and hear out their troubles, understanding the impact that particular case has created in their lives. After understanding their sentiments, I explain to them how I can help them in that particular case &scenario, and brief them about the legal procedures. This brings me to a point wherein I would like to share my core expertise, I have vast experience in Real Estate Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, Immigration Law.
Keeping a strong foot forward to make my client win is not just my desire but it is my habit, it’s in my practice! And probably I feel this practice has brought me far, that’s the reason —-+ people have trusted me for their highly sensitive matters.

Real Estate Law

What does a real estate lawyer do? If this question has troubled you, I can help you with an answer. Real estate lawyers assist retail and leisure businesses in their acquisition, occupation, ongoing management and disposal of their trading premises. Real Estate isn’t only confined to buying and selling property, it is bound by numerous laws and that is how it is kept in order.

Family Law

Family Law involves many matters, and lawyers in the field tackle matters like divorce and separation, child contact and adoption. I can help to protect someone’s financial interest, advise on the grounds of divorce or civil partnership dissolution. Family lawyers can help with all sorts of family disputes, problems and issues.

Criminal Law

Being a criminal lawyer I can help you to file cases of domestic abuse, sex crimes, violent crimes, drug offences, theft, embezzlement, and other types of offences. In addition to representing my clients in court, as a criminal lawyer, I provide advice and counsel my clients too.

Immigration Law

If you want to fly abroad or settle down abroad, I can take care of all legal matters relating to immigration and nationality. I can help students planning to study abroad or families who are looking to settle down abroad. From guiding to representing you legally, I can provide service in every step involved.

One to One Consultation

When a person decides to opt for legal proceedings, the mental trauma and expenses add on his burden. Many times it becomes difficult to understand what a person is going through. One to one consultation can help to a great extent. I try to understand the case in detail, explain to them what needs to be done (in terms of legal proceedings), guide them as to how we can take legal actions, what will be the possible course of actions and outcomes. More than counselling, I feel it is a bond between me and my client, a bond, a trust and a responsibility vested on me as a lawyer.
Every person who has faced a problem & has come to me for a solution deserves to hear, ‘I understand your situation. And I feel I am doing it wholeheartedly!

Putting the Best Step Forward to Help You Legally.