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Dhanju Law Firm is a growing law firm located in Brampton, Ontario that serves in the areas of real estate law, criminal law, immigration law, family law and business law. The firm is relentless in their pursuit to find a constructive solution for all clients’ legal matters. The firm also prides itself on strategic excellence and analytical expertise.
Innovative, practical, efficient, and effective, the Dhanju law firm is comprised of skilled and forward-thinking professionals.
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Sukhvinder is a passionate and dedicated lawyer whose professionalism and knowledge has made a difference in the lives of many people. He completed his Master’s degree in Law from the University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. And then pursued and completed accreditation with the National Committee on Accreditation by taking challenging exams at the University of Toronto, Toronto.
Currently, Sukhvinder is a member of the Law Society of Ontario. Not just his knowledge but also his experience is unmatchable. Prior to starting his own firm, Sukhvinder worked as a Crown Attorney in Manitoba. He has served as a Duty Counsel with Legal Aid Manitoba. Sukhvinder also practiced Family Law and Real Estate Law at a renowned law firm in Winnipeg.


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